Many of us have had the experience of being “anxious” about something. We are thinking of or are about to engage in something that we are nervous or uncertain about, and we begin to notice physical and mental changes taking place: our heart rate goes up, we get tense, feel frightened or on edge, our thoughts begin to race, we find it hard to focus on anything except what we are nervous about, and we may even find ourselves feeling frozen in place or worried that these changes mean we are dying. When these experiences begin to interfere with our ability to make free choices, have healthy relationships or take on new challenges, we may be dealing with Anxiety as a clinical concern.

  • Excessive nervousness, tension or stress

  • Inability or challenge engaging in certain activities

  • Social and Relationship anxiety

  • Phobias or specific fears of things or situations

  • Panic Attacks

  • Overwhelming thoughts and feelings

  • Self-defeating thinking

  • Feeling a sense of dread or having no way out